Culture & Language Coaching for Athletes

You could not miss the arrival of Neymar in Paris. The French are specialists in welcoming foreign athletes. Other players regularly arrive in France to play in our football, basketball or handball clubs with less fuzz and less millions involved. They have to benefit from the best conditions in order to be able to integrate [...]

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Teaching Intercultural Management: A Necessity to Succeed Cross-Borders

The globalization of the economy and the digital outburst have made borders fall apart. This is a fact. Y and Z generations surf on the internet with obvious easiness. But that is again another banality. They are never satisfied and therefore want to have an impressive amount of information available, exchange numerous tips on the [...]

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Belgium: A Country Full of Contrasts

Your French colleagues might have been surprised and made fun of you when you told them you were going on expatriation to Belgium! From an ethnocentric and French perspective, working in Belgium is much like working in the North of France. We think we know our neighbors quite well and we make fun of them [...]

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Kazakhstan: The New Central Asian Giant

If you were so adventurous to do some research on Google on Kazakhstan, you will probably be surprised to haphazardly find in the news: the arrest of 6 Hungarian tourists in Borat’s apparel (low-cut green underwear), the elimination of Kazakhstan from the Football World Cup or else, the project of abandoning the Cyrillic alphabet for [...]

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Intercultural Management in Algeria, a French challenge?

Globalization opens the borders and Intercultural Management becomes a must in order to understand local realities. Together with a genuine success factor. The relationships between France and Algeria specifically illustrate the necessity for the French managers to be locally accompanied. Both countries are geographically close, they share the Mediterranean culture and also part of their [...]

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