Cross cultural management

Cross cultural coaching for managers

AÏDEMO helps your international managers navigate the complexity of cultures, the risk of specific visions and priorities, timing, and specific goals. AÏDEMO helps you better position your company, achieve mutual understanding, adhere to your budget while avoiding costly risks.

Managing cross-cultural teams

Multicultural teams have become a key issue for success HR success. Good will from all parties is not sufficient when norms and values differ. AÏDEMO helps you identify, mobilize and make the best of everyone’s resources and potential.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Management studies showed that 50% of the negotiations in international merger and acquisitions fail, 80% due to a cultural factor (Source: University Paris-Dauphine). Even If cultural differences do not account for all misunderstandings, they play a significant part. AÏDEMO helps boost team collaboration and find structure and reassurance in a new dynamic.

Distance & independent team management and communication

For many of us, work organization has been permanently transformed due to the global pandemic.

Participative management and quality of life are two pillars of e-working. How can you create trusting relationships and manage hierarchies without a physical presence? Which rules should you implement, how can you manage crises, how can you reconcile everyone’s working styles, and what place should informal relationships hold? Those are all issues that must be addressed. It is important to remain attentive to everyone’s efficiency and the group spirit.

Successful expatriate placements and repatriations

Overcoming adaptation issues when settling in a new country with different cultures requires the expat and the family to acquire essential intercultural knowledge as well as basic linguistic skill in the country’s language. Common sense, empathy, and good will are not enough because confrontation with differences regularly leave expats and their families helpless in front of incomprehensible, even critical situations. This training is a must.