The human factor remains the main key to success. The best international development strategies don’t always take into account the human factor. Potential misunderstandings linked to the lack of knowledge of cultural factors can disrupt the smooth running of a negotiation and lead to blockages. Isn’t a company made up of the men and women who make it up ?

And you, what do you think?

Understanding and anticipating differences, training teams and managers, accompanying your employees abroad or receiving impatriates are all situations that a personalized intercultural management approach can facilitate.

The result ? Improved performance, a motivating work atmosphere and, in our experience, personal satisfaction of each trained employee.

Intercultural management has enabled our clients to:

  • become aware of cultural differences, values and the universe of meaning on which they are based,
  • develop the open-mindedness, curiosity and recognition necessary to improve cooperation within organizations.

Our collaborations have contributed to the improvement of interactions between individuals with different cultures. They have allowed us to turn differences into assets.

Our methods have enabled us to accompany a wide variety of companies in their transformation and growth.

Our solutions

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For all companies : Individuals, employees, CPF and others, mobility departure, students in need of reorientation.

  • Local or International Directions
  • Managers of subsidiaries or small family businesses eager to develop a market
  • Project managers facing misunderstandings or blockages...
  • High level athletes


The acquisition of the necessary decoding keys to apprehend new situations
Behavioral adaptation
Application of situational intelligence in the field
Reflecting on personal challenges = Increased operational efficiency
Putting the participants in a situation
Development of knowledge, skills and attitudes