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Le management interculturel appliqué à la Belgique
Belgium: A Country Full of Contrasts

Your French friends or colleagues were probably quite amused if you ever told them that you were leaving France to expatriate yourself in Belgium […]

A Broader Understanding of Political Polarization in the U.S.

The social and political landscape of the United States has been characterized more and more by
extreme polarization between Republicans and Democrats. This notion of polarization has traditionally referred to the increasingly divergent policies of each party […]

Communicating in a Multilingual World

Among the many consequences of globalization, there is an increase in the number of interactions between people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds […]

Georgia: A Gem from the Caucasus

Georgia, a country too often confused with the American state, has been attracting more and more foreigners each year, whether it be entrepreneurs, digital nomads, or tourists […]

Culture & Language Coaching for Athletes

Neymar’s lionized arrival in Paris, which was likely impossible for you to miss, demonstrated France’s ability to welcome foreign athletes […]

Teaching Intercultural Management: A Necessity to Succeed Cross-Borders

The globalization of the economy and the digital revolution have made borders fall apart.
This is a fact. Generations Y and Z surf the internet with remarkable ease. But that is again another banality […]

Kazakhstan: The Emerging Power of Central Asia

If curiosity were to lead you to a Google search on Kazakhstan, you would probably end up reading about the arrest of 6 Hungarian tourists in Borat outfits (low-cut green underwear), the elimination of Kazakhstan from the Football World Cup, or the project of abandoning the Cyrillic alphabet for the Latin one […]

Intercultural Management in Algeria, a French challenge ?

While globalization has opened up borders, the need to understand local realities has made
intercultural management a must and key factor for success. Relations between France and Algeria illustrate particularly well the need to support French managers locally […]