Some success stories

Business : world leader in transport infrastructure development

Challenge : achieving the integration of engineers in a new project in Chile, in less that 50 days

Solution : immediate response with a language and culture needs analysis of the concerned executives. We suggested a combination of Spanish (with two trainers, one from Chile for the specifics of Chilean Spanish) and intercultural classes Implementation in 48 hours

Outcome : engineers sensitive to Chilean culture codes (lifestyle, expression, management habits) and confident in their cultural abilities A quicker local integration and a successful coming back

Business : Swiss multinational, one of the major food-processing companies in the world, with whom we are in contract since the creation of AÏDEMO

Challenge : achieving a successful placement of a team of 60 British IT specialist implementing a new strategic IT project at the Nestlé France head office in Noisiel

Solution : creation of a specific training structure (premises in Paris, specialized trainers in French as a foreign language and French culture) and organization of visits to famous Parisian places (museums, institutions, gastronomy) together with personal guidance in everyday life activities

Outcome : 98% satisfaction, comments from the trainees stressing and thanking us for helping them discover and love France

Buisness : automotive world leader

Challenge : training the Board of Directors - before taking back the general management of Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands by the French headquarters – to the Dutch language, to the Benelux best practices and management specificities. Providing this training to the managers, on a volunteer basis

Solution : setting up of a dedicated training room in the office Tailored coaching of the management committee members, based on the differences between the Dutch and the Belgian management, and Dutch language classes. Setting up of a multimedia library allowing people to borrow or read adapted education materials. Organization of events about Belgium and the Netherlands

Outcome : Training of approximately 30 volunteers who discovered specifics of neighboring countries. A real “passion” developed among the trainees, so much so that they spent their weekends in some Dutch speaking cities

Fortis et BNP

Business : Fortis - Belgo-Dutch banking and BNP - insurance group

Challenge : the recent merger made it compulsory for the French bank to test the level of English of their personnel. We organized English training sessions together with some hints at how Belgians managed. We brought some clues and the satisfaction was so high that more sessions were programmed.

Solution : Baudouin Prot’s coaching (CEO), to prepare his speech in Dutch when they bought the Belgian bank

Outcome : Over 120 people trained, executives and non-executives, and helped them evolve with more ease in their new intercultural environment

Business : One of the largest European centers for oncology.

Challenge : prepare for the arrival and facilitate a quick acclimatization of foreign researchers in Paris

Solution : Setting up of French classes at the Institute, together with lectures on French culture

Outcome : classes and individual coaching in French. The researchers felt like getting out of the lab and discovering Paris

They have trusted us for years


Frédéric Waeber, CEO, Insynium

“I had the pleasure to meet Nadine in the BNI network and appreciated her ability to adapt and react. Then our development strategies went international and we turn to AÏDEMO for help, not only for language training but also to get more insight into the environment and the best practices of the countries we chose. It was among others the case in Morocco. Nadine and her team were exceptionally efficient for us to avoid gross flaws. We keep on working with AÏDEMO because we have a real opportunity to work with professional, training specialists.”

Karine Sautel, CEO, Ellipse Formation

“I happened to know Nadine before working with her and I was struck by her expertise which was obvious when I saw her in action. This is the reason why I suggested to AÏDEMO to become my partner as soon as I could. And I have been happy with this collaboration ever since. I hope this can last as long as possible because Ellipse and AÏDEMO share the same philosophy.”