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Culture & Language Coaching for Athletes

You could not miss the arrival of Neymar in Paris. The French are specialists in welcoming foreign athletes.
Other players regularly arrive in France to play in our football, basketball or handball clubs with less fuzz and less millions involved. They have to benefit from the best conditions in order to be able to integrate and adapt to our “French” way of life, with the goal to reconcile professional and private lives.

Understanding the French does not mean speaking the French language.
Those athletes and their families have to grasp and decode our habits in order to experience an overall successful expatriation.
A culture and language coaching is necessary to facilitate their integration and reinforce their confidence.

What is it?


The end of the Globish tyranny

Wikipedia states that ‘Globish’ is the result of the contraction of the words ‘global’ and ‘English’ and refers to a simplified version of the English language, using only the most common words and expressions of the language. This impoverished Esperanto is the favorite dialect of people from different nationalities when they want to communicate in English.
Globish is particularly used in the sports world. It cannot be denied that it is practical and used during practice on the floor.
But it is still limited as far as vocabulary and structures are concerned and can be considered as an insult to the athletes’ intellectual capabilities. So why not accompany them on a cultural and linguistic standpoint?

A recent survey carried by a language learning application declared the French language as being “the sexiest language in the world”. Our customs, habits (and quirks) are famous throughout the world, why not share and explain them to the athletes in order for them to really feel at home in France. They will perform better if they are more adapted to their environment.

Language coaching also contributes to reinforce the everlasting Latin proverb “Mens sana in corpore sano”, together with the physical practices.
It allows to facilitate everyday interpersonal exchanges and remove complexes from the athletes. He will be better equipped to understand the local people but also to surprise and please them. Everybody will be pleased by an individual who tries to express him or herself in the new language. The French are chauvinistic (sometimes) and appreciate when visitors are interested in their culture and their language. They will be even more warmly welcomed!


Acculturation … and Strategy

Learning a new language brings about more elements to understand the people’s mindsets and structure. The athletes will then be able to understand local speakers. It will also enable them to interpret their counterparts’ reactions, to anticipate or to emphasize them.

It is not only a question of becoming bilingual. But again, why not?
It is also a question of interpreting the cultural codes.

This acculturation will bring an additional advantage to the athletes by suppressing the distance brought about by the “Globish” or the English spoken among players and generate more emotional exchanges.


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